The most popular newspaper in the Finistère region, Le Télégramme, could not overlook this piece of news. Since the beginning of the 2012 summer season, tourists visiting Ty Nadan, a 5-star campsite at Locunolé in the south of Finistère, have been able to camp on the water! Somewhere between a boat and a mobile home, this floating lodging inspired by old lobster creels looks like an inverted boat’s hull.

The result of a project run by the IDDIL collective (1), the aim of which was to find new, innovative forms of accommodation in order to entice the tourists who visit Brittany whilst still respecting the environment, the Kevell is now ready to be tested in life size.

Find the original article, which appeared on the Télégramme website on 13th December 2011.
IDDIL is an initiative for sustainable tourism in Brittany that also respects the environment.

Aquashell dans Le Telegramme