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  •  Categorie:
  •  Sleeps:
    Up to 5 people
  •  Dimensions:
    Platform: 9 m x 6 m (54m²)
    House: 6.30 m x 3.85m (24m²)
  •  Plan:


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Kevell - The ecological floating house

All the comfort you could need for a stay with the family

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The KevellTM, our 24 m2 ecological floating home concept is ideal for accommodating 5 people. It has a parents’ room inspired by a box bed, a children’s bedroom with two bunk-beds and a third fold-away bed to sleep 5 people, plus a small wash room.

The indoor kitchen is complemented by a grill unit located outside, which is sheltered from the elements by a canvas suspended from the framework of the structure. The framework of this eco-house is made from wood guided on wheels. It can cover or uncover the outer third of the length of the dwelling so that you can really make the most of your terrace when the weather is good. A taut netting or pinion-mounted glass cover can also be incorporated.



A house perfectly designed for families

The KevellTM can accommodate up to 5 people, making it ideal for use by families! Safety is the watchword in all our structures… As they are protected, the children can enjoy the indoor and outdoor spaces at no risk.

An innovative mobile arch

As it is equipped with wood and aluminium arches, the KevellTM enables you to cover or uncover your terrace to suit the changing weather conditions! In fact, in the same way as a veranda, no matter what the weather, you can make full use of the 30 m2 of terrace available.

An award-winning original design

Recognised by the “Observeur Du Design” awards, the KevellTM ecological floating house was inspired by the fishermen’s nets and creels once used in Brittany. An award-winning innovation!


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