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  •  Categorie:
  •  Sleeps:
    2 people
  •  Dimensions:
    Platform: 6 m x 4.60 m (27.60 m²)
    House: 4.60 m x 2.95m (13.50 m²)
  •  Plan:


AquaReva - a room on the water

An enchanting name for unforgettable nights!

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AquaReva is a 13 m² floating room concept. The internal fixtures consist of a double bed, shower and a WC. The exterior terrace, also 13 m2, is ideal for relaxing or simply dining under the stars. A covered external kitchen is also available as an option for longer stays. This model comes in three versions:

  • Classique
  • Premium
  • « Resort »

Like all of our models, AquaReva is certified in accordance with Division 240 / ISO 12217, etc.


Each project can be customised!

Whether you are an individual, a tourism professional or an hotelier, Aquashell can be adapted to different needs! Every model can be customised both in terms of the use of the lodging as well as its aesthetic appearance, starting with the AquaReva.

Customise your project according to your tastes!

A luxurious floating room!

Wood, a warm material that is resistant to wet environments!
For a weekend, or for a week, the AquaReva floating room offers top of the range comfort including a separate wash room.

A panoramic view

With a clear view of the water that surrounds you, the luxury AquaReva floating cabin will transport you to another world… surrounded by water, the experience is extraordinary!


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