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  •  Categorie:
  •  Sleeps:
    Up to 5 people
  •  Dimensions:
    Platform: 9.00 m x 6.00 m (54 m²)
    House: 6.30 m x 3.85 m (24 m²)
  •  Plan:


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AquaPrima - extraordinary, ecological accommodation

A well thought-out, modern design that makes the most of the light

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Designed specifically with tourism professionals in mind, the AquaPrima meets the requirements of both operators and tenants alike. Maximum comfort for minimum maintenance! AquaPrima is an extraordinary lodging that is designed to exist in complete harmony with the water that surrounds you. Experience genuine serenity! Enjoy the unforgettable feeling of living on the water for a weekend, a week or all year round.

AquaPrima, like all of our models of floating accommodation, is certified in accordance with Division 240 / Iso 12217 / etc.



Accommodation with an innovative design

With its two aluminium pergola supports, the AquaPrima stands out thanks to its innovative and natural design, which creates a warm and extremely cosy atmosphere… a successful blend of wood and aluminium!

Recyclable eco materials

Wood, a warm material that is resistant to wet environments!

Aluminium, the perfect material for our floating platforms.

Polyethylene (high density) for optimum float use and resistance.

An external terrace covering 30 m²

With its 30 m2 of terrace, the extraordinary AquaPrima dwelling is the perfect luxury home that enables you to enjoy your family holiday with complete peace of mind and in total safety.


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