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  •  Categorie:
  •  Sleeps:
    5 people
  •  Dimensions:
    Platform: 9 m x 6.10 m (54m²)
    House: 6.30 m x 3.80 m (24m²)
  •  Plan:


AquaPesca - our flagship fishing lodge

Specially designed and adapted for fishing in fresh water

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An authentic dwelling designed for enthusiasts, the AquaPesca stands out thanks to features that are specially suited to fishing in fresh water. AquaPesca makes its intentions clear: enabling you to make full use of the water that surrounds you so that you can devote yourself fully to your passion: fishing!

Developed in partnership with the French national fishing federation (Fédération Nationale Pêche) the AquaPesca meets the most indulgent requests of enthusiasts in every respect. This is witnessed by the presence of a fish cage on the terrace! Despite the “fishing” orientation of this model, above all it is a floating house, with an interior layout suitable for 5 people, with a wash room (WC, shower etc.), a fully-equipped kitchen and two bedrooms.

Like all of our models, the AquaPesca is certified in accordance with Division 240 / Iso 12217 / etc.



Storage for fishing equipment

Aquashell has thought of everything! Protecting your equipment is essential. For this reason, AquaPesca is equipped with a secure storage cupboard and storage racks for your fishing rods.

Outdoor power socket and water supply

More than a mere detail! As standard, our fishing lodge is equipped with an outdoor power socket and water supply. Being able to install a refrigerator for your bait enables you to keep it fresh close to you right on the terrace.

Fish cage integrated in the floor

A fish cage integrated directly in the floor of the terrace of the AquaPesca enables anglers to keep their catch alive! Easy and within reach, an extremely practical aspect.

Platform and cleats for mooring

A special feature of the AquaPesca is that it is equipped with a projecting platform to facilitate fishing. So that you are not encumbered by protective railings, the 40 cm platform enables you to enjoy your favourite sport without any constraints.

Aquashell surrounded itself with fishing professionals when designing this house. AquaPesca was designed in partnership with the Fishing Federation of the Côtes d’Armor region in order to develop a quality-certified model of fishing lodge.

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