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  •  Categorie:
  •  Sleeps:
    Up to 5 people
  •  Dimensions:
    Platform: 9 m x 6 m (54m²)
    House: 6.30 m x 3.85m (24 m²)
  •  Plan:


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AquaMinka - The zen of a house on the water

A modern, Japanese-style design that inspires calm

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Minka means “house of the people” in Japanese. Imagined and designed by Owen Poho, this floating house transports us in a flash to the country of the rising sun… AquaMinka is a 24 m² house that can be home to a family looking for calm and relaxation. Its sliding doors, modular spaces and sheltered terrace make it an original and user-friendly dwelling. Our AquaMinka model can accommodate up to 5 people thanks to its large double bed, two bunk beds and a sofa bed.

The spaces are partitioned and provide complete privacy for each of their occupants. Clever storage conserves space inside. The wash room with shower and sink rounds off the sense of comfort. To make the most of summer evenings, the fully-equipped kitchen opens to the outside, making it possible to eat on the terrace.

AquaMinka, like all of our models of floating house is certified in accordance with Division 240 / Iso 12217 / etc.



A house perfectly designed for families

No matter which kind of floating house you are interested in, Aquashell is surrounded by designers and architects who can offer you coherent dwellings for family use! Security is the watchword in all of our buildings. Since they are protected, children can enjoy the terrace and the house interior without risk.

A house with a top of the range finish

With its clear-view cladding and innovative pergola equipped with sun shade, the AquaMinka stands out from our other extraordinary models!

A different layout

With its innovative arrangements, the 24 m2 of floor space are ideal for use by a family of 4 or 5 people.

Its original features include a box bed to transport you to another place for a night or a week.

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