Grazia is usually more a magazine about fashion and beauty, but in the spirit of the times, the women’s magazine chose to focus on this trend towards alternative accommodation and all of its green innovations.

Of the three original lodgings mentioned, for the journalist, the Kevell truly reflects the spirit of the castaway. The article describes the Kevell and mentions its large, 30 m2 terrace where all the family can benefit from a restful natural environment.

Moreover, everyone can enjoy this type of floating accommodation without necessarily having good sea legs.

The Grazia article also evokes two other types of unusual accommodations, one located in Costa Rica and dedicated to surfing enthusiasts, whilst the other is an ecolodge at the heart of the Bahian jungle in Brazil. Here it is possible to spend the night perching in the trees in the middle of the Amazonian forest.


Grazia - Les Neo lodges - Aquashell